Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Commuting Glory

As if Ladybird's flowers in the medians are not majestic wonder enough, I have watched a field of grain ripening on my way home just in the last few days - so fast, so beautiful.  It's amazing.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Poetry: Unseasonal Gift

April is Poetry Month but my poem, Unseasonal Gift, was published on Vox Poetica in March.  I am a little late linking to it on la blog.  Please read it here and tell me what you think.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014


We went to hear Leticia Van de Putte, candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Texas, speak on Sunday. She is amazing.  She really cares about education and women and children.

The Lone Star Girl helped sign up volunteers.

Leticia told the Lone Star Baby, "You're the reason I'm doing this."

Sunday, April 06, 2014

April Is Child Abuse Prevention Month

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. Here are some things you can do to help prevent child abuse:

  1.  Learn about child development.  Sometimes our expectations of children are not reasonable for their age or maturity level.
  2.  Make a meal or offer to babysit or do something else kind for another family.  When we help each other, we reduce the stress that families experience.
  3. Vote.  Make sure your state provides adequate resources for struggling families and for protective services.
  4. Use positive methods of discipline.  Corporal punishment can create a cycle in which people grow up to believe that violence is an acceptable way of dealing with some issues.
  5. Monitor the media that your child consumes, especially when your child is very young.  Violent television and video games can lead to adults who respond to stress with violence.

Friday, April 04, 2014

Misogynist, Anti-Family Sports Radio Announcers Like Boomer Need To Go

I don't follow sports, myself.  I have a family to take care of and a career and the responsibilities of citizenship and all and thus have little time for such things.  I do not, however, think that my relative lack of interest disqualifies me from saying that baseball is Merely An Entertainment and some people need to get a serious grip.

Apparently, a baseball player, Daniel Murphy,  recently took the three days (not, like the 12 weeks of FMLA our nation allows some workers or the Years of parental leave that most developed nations allow or anything, but three days) of paternity leave that Major League Baseball allows in order to be there for the birth of his child, causing him to miss the season's first couple of games.

Talk radio went wild.  A bunch a nasty, anti-family misogynists whose stations should fire them are weighing in on how 24 hours should have been enough at most.  One, Boomer Esiason of the once-popular-but-soon-to-be-utterly-boycotted-by-families Boomer and Carton radio show, actually suggested that Mr. Murphy's spouse should have had a c-section so the birth would occur before the first game.


I am deeply shocked at this man's willingness to see a healthy woman cut open and she and her child endangered for a baseball game.  Our culture needs some serious work.

Monday, March 31, 2014

The Spill Arrives

Oh, no.  The oil is on our beaches in Corpus now.  I am so worried about the whooping cranes. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Math Testing Gone Amuck In Texas

Apparently, there is a big 'unintended consequences' kind of problem with the state and federal testing requirements for math in Texas.  The feds say middle schoolers have to be tested every year in math and once in high school.  Texas says the high school test they have to take is Algebra I.  If students take Algebra I in 8th grade, what happens?  Double testing in 8th grade?  What about in high school?  Hmmm.

School districts are trying to work this out, but some might just stop offering Algebra I in middle school if things get too difficult.  That would be a shame.

Galveston Spill

So scary.  Are our whooping cranes still here or have they already headed north?  Do they go past Galveston on their migratory path? Our flock are the only wild ones in the world.  So scary.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

First Day School: Peace

Today was the first time in awhile that we have met for First Day School.  We are still learning about historical wars in our study of the Peace Testimony, still reading Number the Stars.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

County Convention Day in Nueces County!

My font may be red but we are turning Texas blue! The Nueces County Democratic Convention is going on right now at West Oso Junior High School.  I am live tweeting it @mariahboone if you want to follow. It is also on the blog's sidebar here.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Nueces County Democratic Convention Saturday!

Go to the party website to register if you have not yet, local folks!  Resolutions and delegates and committees, oh my!  Get involved!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Sunshine & Buttercups

It's so nice to be commuting home in the daylit evening.  The pink buttercups in the medians are a balm.

Wearin' O' The Green...And Back To Work!

Happy St. Paddy's Day, although I think little of St. Paddy for all of my pleasure in my famine-moved Irish roots.  We'll still have a green dinner, as we are too busy this morning for a nice green breakfast, and grateful for it we will be.

We worked pretty hard over the break, but today it is back to school and back to work for us all and sure it will be as busy a gathering of months coming up as it has been lately.

We can do it.  Onward.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Spring Cleaning - Spring Greening - Spring Bustling

It has been a busy spring break.  We got some long overdue house cleaning done.  The only room that is still deeply humiliating to me now is mine and my side of it is clean and organized.  There is only so much one can do about the habits of other adults.  There is still mold in the bathroom thanks to the lack of a vent and it is still all duct-taped together, but it is clean.  I need to take domestic satisfaction where I can get it.

This past summer and fall were pretty neglected in terms of gardening, and I feel much better and much more creative and much healthier when I garden, so I am hoping to do better this spring.  I still have a fall tomato plant leftover, and chile pequin peppers and a ghost pepper plant and that green that tastes like cucumbers and nasturtium and going-to-seed-lettuces and basil and dill and chives and a bit of kale and collard greens, in the edible (non-tree) category.  Also, non-edibly, I have citronella geranium, begonia, kalanchoe, gardenias and various cacti and succulents including thousands of mother-of-thousands.  Hardy suckers, all of those - survived my neglect.  These past two days, I planted some tomatoes and mustard greens and eggplant and cantaloupe and habaneros.  Chocolate mint.  Of course, marigolds.  Some radish seeds.  Last night, the Lone Star Baby and her friends helped me loose several hundred ladybugs into the plantings.  Ladybugs make me so happy.  I am going to try to keep up with these plants and with the harvest of my orange and grapefruit trees.  That outdoor time is so good for me.

I have spring flags in the garden, including a Jolly Roger in honor of our Pirate Queen, the Lone Star Girl.

Basically, after the cleaning and greening, I am back to feeling happy and homey about my house, instead of stressed and embarrassed and overwhelmed, as I have been feeling about my house most of this school year.  I hope it lasts!

We have also been bustling all around with arrangements for the Girl's Buc Days stuff and her pre-med interviews and all the stuff she needs for school and the endless college paperwork that is her life and all of our own school work.  Also, we have been trying to make sure the Lone Star Baby gets lots of play dates and friend time, as our busy lifestyle often means she gets less of that than she likes lately. 


Things barely managed:  Girl Scouts.  I am just barely keeping my troops going this year and I am getting it together to try to have an active spring to make up for that with the little girls (in the fall, we did a beach clean-up, an underwear drive for foster children, nursing home caroling, the MLK Day March, a toiletries drive for the homeless and a Journey for each level and World Thinking Day - sounds like a lot but really just did not seem up to our usual standards) .  Things almost totally neglected:  writing and politics - majorly.  I just have not been able to fit everything in this school year.  I am doing my best to prepare to do better, but having  a kid getting ready for college in the first year of one's new dream job is A Lot.  A Lot.  I need to be kind to myself and realize that not every year is for everything.

Onward, Mamas.  Onward.